• Are you overwhlemed with how much you have to read? 

  • Do you have piles of books and journals that you have been meaning to get through but just never seem to find the time?

  • Are there just not enough hours in the day to get through emails, reports and minutes of meetings?

  • Would you just like to improve your reading speed?


What will you learn on the Spd Rdng Course? 


  • to read faster – at least 2-3 times faster and get through 10 times more material 

  • to remember what you read better

  • the best note taking and note making techniques

  • syntopic processing – process several books in one session

  • speed reading patterns

  • to improve your memory and concentration

  • adapt techniques to suit your purpose; education, business or pleasure

  • to absorb reports and technical information

  • and much more…


Speed Reading Courses are offered in Ireland in Dublin and nationwide. 

Speed Reading Courses
 Course Fee: €395
Students Rate: €295

Sat 3August 2019

A One Day Intensive 

9 am - 8 pm

The Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth

Co Kildare (just off the M4).


Dates to be confirmed 

Includes the Amazon bestseller Spd Rdng > The Speed Reading Bible by Susan Norman and Jan Cisek

The Speed Reading Courses are ideal for those in business - avoid overwhelm and get the most out of your day. CPD accredited courses. 
Speed Reading courses are also perfect for those who want to get through the pile of books that has been gathering dust by your bed!
Speed Reading Courses great for studying - find the information you need quickly. 
Suitable for students at Leaving Certificate level, 3rd level and those studying to progerss in their careers. 
Something of interest....A TED Talk on 'Quantextual' reading. 
and there's more...
FREE Download a summary of the 37 Spd Rdng techniques. 

Download the Spd Rdng Book Kindle Version

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 Extremely worthwhile course - everyone should do it!

— Sinead, Dublin


     An invigorating weekend filled with interesting, practical and mind-blowing techniques to make your life easier. 



I took the course about a year and a half into a four year degree. It saved me huge chunks of time and energy going through unnecessesary papers, articles and journals, not to mention the reduced stress from knowing that I knew what to do to pass an exam or complete an assignment.  I also found that the techniques I learned worked in many areas of my everyday life. My effeciency improved and I could handle things with less procrastination. I'd recomend it to anyone who wants to learn how to use their mind more efficiently and effectively, but especially students or those under pressure to read large amounts of documents for work. Hugely enjoyable course as well!


— Cora, Dublin 

—  Aisling Mooney, Dublin 





Very engaging and well structured.

— Bernie, Dublin