Sara Haboubi M.A., B.Sc.

Sara Haboubi is the Managing Director and Lead Trainer of Quantum Leaps,  providing professional, educational and personal development programmes in Ireland. 


Sara's passion is helping people to learn quicker, easier and more efficiently. Since 2002, she has worked with hundreds of individuals and dozens of companies and organisations, delivering in-house and open training courses. 


Sara qualified as a Environmental Buidling Services Engineer in 1994 and worked as a consultant and project manager until 2001. In 2002 she changed career path and began pursuing her journey into the world of personal developement, primarily through Neuro Linguistic Progamming (NLP). She is a certified Trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy Trainer, Spd Rdng Instructor and Empowering Learning Master Trainer. 


She has a Master's Degree in Adult Learning and Development, as well as qualifications in training and education, Anatomy & Physiology, Motivational Interviewing, 7 Habits for Teens and is licenced to use the Rickter Scale - Motivational Assessment Tool. 



The Spd Rdng Course Architects and Authors of Spd Rdng > The Speed Reading Bible

Jan Cisek was the first PhotoReading instructor to be licensed in the UK. During the 10 years or more that he has been teaching PhotoReading and speed reading he has taught the skills to thousands of people worldwide. He has studied and integrated Accelerated Learning, speed reading, PhotoReading, NLP and Systems Thinking. At the University of Warwick he was a speaker at the 8th International Conference ‘Learning in Harmony’, organised by the Society for Effective Affective Learning – SEAL. He teaches how to learn anything more effectively and how to use your intuition and creativity. He was a speaker at the 9th International SEAL Conference ‘Opening Minds’ at the King’s School, Canterbury and at the ANLP Conference in Northhampton.




Susan Norman is an experienced photoreader, speed reader and speed reading coach and teacher and has been running the courseswith Jan since 2004. Together they have developed many innovative additions which make it easier to learn speed reading and photoreading quickly and easily. As a former Director of SEAL (Society For Effective Affective Learning), she has proved her expertise in accelerated learning techniques, and presents regularly on international and national courses and conferences. She is the author of 36 books in the field of accelerated learning, language teaching and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).